• TaxProfileFactoryTax Profile and Withholding Forms for Payroll
  • TaxProfileFactoryMaintains Employee Tax Profiles for Federal, State, Local and Territory Taxes

Simplified Employee Tax Profile and Tax Assignment for Payroll

Cloud Offering with Mobile Access

TaxProfileFactory automatically maintains employee tax profiles for Federal, State, Local and Territory taxes and removes the burden of having to detect and make profile and assignment changes in a timely manner. Utilizing the Tax Locator™, the solution creates the profiles automatically or on-demand, thereby eliminating dreaded adjustments to future paychecks, tax payments, tax filings, W-2 data and more, saving substantial time, effort and money, while greatly improving and streamlining overall payroll processing. It also helps increase ROI by freeing staff for more productive tasks. Additionally, as a security measure, TaxProfileFactory does not hold on to employees’ sensitive  personal information.

Employers and employees have desktop and mobile access via intuitive, flexible and secure web-based applications. TaxProfileFactory is a SaaS solution that easily integrates with cloud and on-premise HR/payroll systems.  TaxProfileFactory is a true cloud, multi-tenant solution that requires no application maintenance for users and delivers high availability and data sharing for significant cost savings. BSI takes security seriously, conforms to rigid standards for protecting sensitive data, and annually undergoes SOC 2 Type 2 audits.

Get the convenience of tax profile and tax assignment, while decreasing payroll prep time and HR labor costs
  • Increases Productivity – Reduces the need to adjust paychecks, tax payments and tax filings
  • Simplifies Compliance – Supports most complex tax configuration scenarios
  • Reduces Costs – Automates many processes, freeing staff to do other key tasks
  • Accessibility – Product can be accessed on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as on laptop and desktop computers

*Internet connection required to access TaxProfileFactory.

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