BSI Software Solutions

BSI leads the industry with innovative solutions that automate payroll calculations, streamline payroll tax processes, increase efficiency and accuracy, and reduce costs. We offer three product suites for cloud and on-premise environments.

BSI offers a uniquely comprehensive suite of payroll tax solutions to handle your critical payroll processes, including W-4 elections, tax calculations, authority deposits, form filing, and more. With our cloud-based software, you can access an entire suite of solutions on-demand. The suites complement each other to provide full payroll tax compliance coverage.

BSI payroll tax solutions include:

eFormsFactory™ empowers Human Resources, Payroll professionals and employees to manage the onboarding, maintenance and delivery of regulatory and compliance information required for payroll processing. The solution offers the most comprehensive W-4 coverage for Federal, State, Local and Territory tax jurisdictions. Employees are provided with self-service access to online payroll tax forms, while employers have access to management and process these forms online.

TaxFactory™ our flagship suite, is widely used for managing and calculating U.S. payroll taxes. Coverage is provided for Federal, State, Local and Territory tax authorities. This best-selling suite of strategic solutions calculates payroll taxes, reciprocal taxes, deferred income taxes and more.

TaxFactory Canada
TaxFactory™ Canada automates payroll tax calculations for the most complex Canadian payrolls and helps meet ever-changing regulatory requirements. It covers Federal, Provincial, Quebec and Territorial employee and employer taxes.

ComplianceFactory™ is a powerful, multi-tenant suite of solutions to help organizations pay tax liabilities and file regular and amended reports. Combined with intuitive self-service, payroll tie-out and other supporting solutions, ComplianceFactory delivers a high return on investment.

Benefits of choosing BSI cloud-based SaaS solutions