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BSI leads the industry with innovative complementary payroll solutions that automate payroll calculations, streamline payroll tax processes, increase efficiency and accuracy, and reduce costs. We offer several product suites to help serve our clients, including payroll vendors and service bureaus. Our scalable solutions can help customers in all industries and during various phases of business growth, such as mergers, acquisitions and various other transitions.

BSI offers a uniquely comprehensive suite of payroll tax solutions to handle your critical payroll processes, including setting up tax profiles, tax calculations, authority deposits, and more.

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Versatility / Solutions to Serve Industries of all Types

We Have the Payroll Tax Compliance Expertise for an Organization Like Yours

Your company, regardless of its size and industry, faces specific challenges. We are here to help! Extensive experience, combined with a continued commitment to innovation, allows BSI to provide payroll tax compliance solutions that meet the needs of any business. From hospitality to public administration and retail to healthcare, we have worked with organizations in a multitude of fields. Our clients include software vendors, service providers, and individual companies. Let us work together and customize a solution that fits your needs.

Many of the world’s best known companies – along with growing midsize and smaller businesses – use BSI to minimize their compliance risks, reduce labor costs, maintain regulatory compliance, improve business agility, and increase employee satisfaction. BSI provides solid expertise and support to thousands of clients and millions of employees in North America. We offer cutting-edge payroll tax solutions, backed by four decades of experience. Our payroll tax compliance solutions have consistently proven to be effective and give us the ability to integrate natively with multiple platforms and scale to the size of any business. No matter how big your organization or your customers get, we have a solution that will grow with you.

So much of your life revolves around your place of work. BSI knows that selecting a payroll tax partner is no simple task. When you choose BSI’s industry-specific solutions, we’ll deliver the insight, experience, and support you need to help you manage your payroll tax compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Regardless of your field, we can customize a solution for your needs.

Scalability / Solutions can adjust along with the needs of your company.

When You Need Comprehensive Payroll Tax Solutions that Integrate with Your Payroll System, Look to BSI

As a leading provider fulfilling automated payroll tax needs for businesses since 1979, our solutions are flexible enough to scale and help you transition as your business grows. This may include mergers and acquisitions, as well as organic growth. BSI payroll solutions provide a way to keep your overhead low, while managing payroll onboarding, payroll tax calculations, and/or payroll tax filings with ease. You can reduce some of the payroll workload, decrease manual errors and increase productivity in several departments.

As a payroll expert for your organization, you understand the importance of keeping up with the ever-increasing number of payroll tax regulations, guideline changes, and garnishment compliance notifications. A failure on your part to adhere to these rules can result in penalties being assessed against your company that can severely impact the profitability of your business.

You need a solution that can reduce the complexities and ease the payroll tax compliance burden that you face.

BSI offers a comprehensive suite of payroll tax solutions that address your tax calculation, tax filing and compliance onboarding needs — backed by dedicated researchers and highly responsive customer support.