Payroll Tax Filing Compliance Solution that Helps You Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Pay tax liabilities and file reports in the BSI multi-tenant cloud

ComplianceFactory is a powerful, cloud-based, technologically advanced suite of SaaS solutions that helps organizations like yours to more easily manage payroll tax processes and to maintain compliance with Federal, State, Local and Territory regulations. ComplianceFactory integrates with your payroll system and is available on demand to help you schedule, pay, assess, and file payroll taxes, as well as remittances for garnishment authorities. The solution can also offer employees the opportunity to view and print their W-2 forms.

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  • Features and Benefits
  • BSI Advantages

Features and Benefits

With ComplianceFactory, you can minimize penalties, improve efficiency, save time, and increase productivity.

  • Scheduling – Easy-to-use calendar displays tax jurisdiction payment and filing deadlines for applicable frequencies
  • Paying – Processes are included for NACHA-formatted EFT credit payments, as well as DEBIT payments and more for Federal, State, Local and Territory tax jurisdictions
  • Assessing – On-demand detection of out-of-balance situations and variances and automatic adjustment of deposits
  • Filing – Lawful returns and coupons for virtually all Federal, State, Local and Territory payroll taxes

BSI Advantages

With BSI, you get the only payroll tax solution partner you’ll ever need.

  • Four decades of experience in payroll tax compliance
  • Largest array of industry-leading solutions for all your payroll tax compliance needs
  • Technologically advanced and true SaaS solutions in a multi-tenant cloud with mobile capabilities