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Payroll Tax Filing in the Cloud

While managing payroll coverage is fairly routine, managing the related tax liabilities can be complex. The risk of incurring penalties is a very real threat. However, compliance can be much simpler with the right payroll tax depositing and filing solution – especially a cloud-based SaaS solution.

ComplianceFactory SaaS streamlines internal payroll tax compliance processes and offers efficient management of high-volume filing and deposit processing for companies of all sizes. It helps you stay on top of ever-changing regulations and maintain compliance with Federal, State, local and territory tax jurisdictions.

Using a cloud-based SaaS payroll tax filing greatly minimizes the risk of fines and penalties due to automatic updates, with the added benefits of lower maintenance, dedicated support and faster access to product enhancements.

  • Improves the accuracy and timeliness of the filing processes
  • Identifies variances prior to filing and depositing
  • Minimizes potential exposure to fines and penalties
  • Eliminates need to keep current with changing regulations
  • Reduces tedious processes into a few easy steps
  • Stays compliant with regulatory, filing and payment changes
  • Streamlines processes and increases internal efficiencies by allowing for the reassignment of staff to core business functions

Suite of Individual Solutions

The individual solutions contained within ComplianceFactory payroll tax compliance software include:

Tax Deposits

Generates Federal, State, local and territory payroll tax deposits in a timely manner using the authority-approved deposit methods. Also offers Accelerated Deposits to automatically detect and provide notifications when an accelerated deposit is required.

Tax Filing

Automatically produces the correct Federal, State, local and territory reports for more efficient and timely filing.

  • Filing options: Paper, Electronic, Magnetic, Bulk filing
  • Multiple Worksite Reporting

Amended Returns

Automatically determines when amended returns are needed and generates the report in the authority-approved format


Generates Federal electronic and printed 1099s (-RET, -MISC, -INT) using source data

Nonperiodic Forms

Provides a convenient online tool to access employer tax-related forms (such as Power of Attorney, Federal Employee Verification System Report, Declaration of Representative and more)

BSI also offers eFormsFactory™, a standalone or optional add-on solution to ComplianceFactory that simplifies W-4 management by providing employees and employers a way to access and manage forms online.

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