BSI’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based payroll tax solutions serves a variety of industries and fields. Our ability to scale and customize our software allows a client within any trade to utilize BSI’s line of products with ease and efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of automating and streamlining onboarding compliance, payroll tax calculations, and payroll tax filings with BSI solutions.

Turn To BSI for Automated Payroll Tax Solutions

So much of your life revolves around your place of work. BSI knows that selecting a payroll tax partner is no simple task. When you choose BSI’s industry-specific solutions, we’ll deliver the insight, experience, and support you need to help you manage your payroll tax compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Regardless of your field, we can customize a solution for your needs.


Our presence in the field of education is very prevalent. Having grown over the decades and continuing to do so through educational partnerships with schools and universities around the country, we are the preferred payroll tax calculation and compliance pioneers. You too can start saving to re-allocate monies for other mission critical areas that will positively impact the overall performance of your institution.

Some of our clients include

Atlanta Independent School System
Duke University
Johns Hopkins University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Financial and General Services

It’s really feasible to streamline and contain costs. How? Employ a payroll tax solution that is scalable and effective. Many financial institutions are partnering with BSI to achieve automated payroll tax efficiency required to control costs and sustain exceptional customer services.

Critical to the continuous improvement approach, our ability to deliver proven, comprehensive cloud-based payroll tax solutions drive efficiencies in companies like yours.

Our solutions allow finance professionals to direct their efforts to other strategic business goals.

Some of our clients include

GWL&A Financial, Inc.
Lifetouch, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
The Nielson Co.
The Northern Trust Co.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Inc.
Royal Bank of Canada



Healthcare organizations focused on “doing more with less” are partnering with BSI to achieve automated payroll tax efficiency. This is a must-have to control costs while sustaining exceptional patient services.

Let us help you streamline your payroll tax calculation and compliance needs with our ability to deliver proven, comprehensive cloud-based payroll tax solutions.

By partnering with BSI, you can reallocate your most valuable resource — time — to do what you do best… take care of patients

Some of our clients include

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Dignity Health
Good Samaritan Hospital
Kaleida Health
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Mayo Foundation
Methodist Healthcare
Mt. Sinai Medical Center
Pharmerica Corporation
Sutter Health
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Hospitality and Food Service

Driven by customer service, it is no surprise to BSI that leaders like you have the urgent need to constantly re-evaluate goals while advancing productivity within your business. We help hospitality and food service markets focus on operational effectiveness and process improvements, while keeping a keen focus on putting the customer first.

Let our cloud-based payroll tax solutions help your business meet ever-changing payroll tax regulations and compliance standards while streamlining payroll processes and reducing costs.

Some of our clients include

Anheuser-Busch Company
Burger King
The Coca-Cola Company
Denny’s, Inc.
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
Hard Rock Café
McDonald’s Corp.
NBC Universal
PGA Tour, Inc.

Industrial and Manufacturing

We offer the industrial and manufacturing industry cloud-based payroll tax tools to keep up with ever-increasing payroll tax regulations. Our understanding of your need for a solution that can ease payroll tax compliance burdens while reducing complexities is why organizations like yours rely on BSI.

Why Partner with BSI?

We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based SaaS payroll tax solutions that address your compliance onboarding, payroll tax calculation, and payroll tax filing and compliance needs. Partnering with us means your business is backed by dedicated researchers and highly responsive customer support.

Some of our clients include

BMW Manufacturing Corporation
Chevron U.S.A.
Hawaiian Electric Company
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.
The Timken Company

Non-Profit Organizations

We know that managing payroll taxes for a non-profit organization is very different than for a for-profit company. That’s why BSI offers complete, first-class payroll tax solutions that meet the unique needs of our non-profile clientele. Plus, they are affordable for every organization, large and small.

Don’t Let Costly Errors Happen to You

Errors in processing and reporting are not only embarrassing and time-consuming, but potentially expensive to correct too. With the IRS now issuing significant penalties under its Intermediate Sanctions regulations, you simply cannot afford mistakes. Through a partnership with BSI, you can be assured that your accounts are properly set up in full compliance with Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Some of our clients include

Archdiocese of New York
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Sisters of Charity Providence Hospitals
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Public Administration

We know that governments of all sizes are tasked with increasing operational efficiencies to help manage their complex processes, headcount fluctuations, and reporting requirements… and it’s no secret that this expectation of public administrations is to be done with fewer resources year after year.

We Can Help You Focus on Operational Efficiencies and Process Enhancements

BSI recognizes the pressures government organizations face, that’s why we offer payroll tax solutions that allow payroll professionals to perform their duties more quickly and resourcefully. Make the most of all your resources by partnering with BSI for all your compliance onboarding, payroll tax calculation, and payroll tax compliance and filing needs.

Some of our clients include

City of Houston, TX
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
County of Sacramento
State of Kentucky
State of Michigan
State of Pennsylvania
State of South Dakota
U.S. Armed Forces
U.S. House of Representatives

Retail and Wholesale Trade

Retail and wholesale clients love our comprehensive cloud-based payroll tax solutions. By partnering with BSI, you too can automate payroll tax calculations and streamline payroll tax processes.

National and global companies such as Costco, Publix Supermarkets, and Ingles Markets rely on our nearly 40 years of payroll tax experience.

It’s no secret that our features set us apart from the competition, like native integration into existing systems and scalability so our products grow with you.

Some of our clients include

Costco Wholesale Corporation
Dollar General Corp.
Sumitomo Rubber USA, LLC.
Hanesbrands, Inc.
Ingles Markets, Inc.
L. L. Bean, Inc.
Publix Supermarkets, Inc.
Sally Holdings, LLC
Wegmans Food Markets