Mergers and Acquisitions

You Have a Million Problems to Consider During a Merger. Onboarding New Employees Shouldn’t Be One of Them.

In the turbulence of a merger or an acquisition, employees can feel lost or confused. Ensure that your people are well taken care of by using TaxProfileFactory to help make the onboarding and payroll tax assignment simple and intuitive.  TaxProfileFactory is the most comprehensive solution in the marketplace for managing and maintaining employee payroll tax profiles. This cloud-based, multi-tenant solution automatically sets up employee tax configurations, virtually eliminating tax profile concerns, while keeping up with data that affects employee tax profiles. When merging a new employee population into your existing one, rely on the robust features of TaxProfileFactory to help you deal with the complexities of employee payroll tax assignment.

  • Comprehensive
  • Innovative
  • Focused Experience

Comprehensive Solutions

is a cloud solution that sets up employee tax configurations for payroll. It creates tax profiles for new hires, employees with changes to their data, for newly enacted taxes, and more. The solution also determines taxes the employer has to pay

calculates all payroll withholding taxes, deferred income taxes, taxability assessments and wage attachments for Federal, State, Local and Territory tax jurisdictions.

enables payroll and finance professionals to manage tax liabilities and file reports for Federal, State, Local and Territory tax jurisdictions. The solution effectively streamlines and automates processes to schedule, pay, reconcile and file payroll taxes on demand, including remittances for garnishment authorities.

Innovative Technology

  • Choice of Cloud-based (SaaS) or on-premise payroll tax solutions
  • Comprehensive coverage for Federal, State, local and territory jurisdictions as well as the various tax scenarios that may exist within and across those authorities
  • Data-driven design makes it simple to update; regulatory changes are applied automatically for in the Cloud (SaaS) versions or easily downloaded for on-premise
  • Native integration with Payroll and Deferred Income systems
  • Scalable to meet the needs of any size organization

Focused Experience

  • Pioneering industry-leading payroll tax regulatory and compliance solutions since 1979
  • Some of our partners include Fidelity and Northern Trust
  • Partner Support team oversees implementation and delivers the highly responsive, knowledgeable support that our partners expect