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Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants has been in the food service business since 1980. The company prides itself on making “The World’s Greatest Hamburgers®” and having the best brand awareness for a burger chain of its size.

Based in Texas, Fuddruckers operates and franchises restaurants that specialize in high-quality, upscale hamburgers in a variety of sizes, cooked to order. Providing an array of farm-fresh produce and condiments, the company encourages guests to garnish their own entrees.

Over the years, Fuddruckers has evolved into a fun, fast-casual dining destination, focusing on great food and friendly, attentive guest service. The company employs almost 8,700 people with 202 locations in 27 states.


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Adopting the TaxFactory SaaS Support Option brought tremendous benefits to the Payroll and IT departments of Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants. Benefits to the payroll department included a streamlined, efficient payroll tax calculation process via automated timely maintenance. The team no longer had to spend time and manpower to make sure the regulatory changes were received and implemented properly. This allowed staff to perform other important tasks, lowering the risk of non-compliance fines. Also, there was less concern about last-minute tax changes and less time spent researching pending tax legislation. The accuracy of payroll tax calculations improved, since the team now had the latest information from tax authorities.

“With the TaxFactory SaaS Support Option, we no longer have to maintain the bulletin and software upgrades,” explains Debra True, Application Manager.
Other benefits included deferred income tax changes, as well as maintaining address updates for tax lookup. The IT team also benefited from cost savings due to reduced IT development costs, reduced workload, and decreased stress related to implementing regulatory changes in time. This growing food service organization finally has the payroll tax solution that works to help simplify the payroll tax process.

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