Growing Southeast Retailer Automates Its Payroll Tax Forms Process

Company Profile

This Business Software, Inc. (BSI) client is a distinguished Southeast-based furniture retailer who has been in business close to 120 years. They have managed to sustain and grow their business despite a very challenging retail market over the last several years and continue to open new store locations. They operate close to 400 stores in 8 southern states, ranging from Virginia to Florida.


The client contacted BSI seeking a way to automate their employee state payroll withholding tax forms. They informed BSI that the tracking and management of state and local forms was a manual process for them. With their expected growth and pending new store openings, they needed to simplify and streamline their methods.

Some specific challenges:

  • Client had limited payroll staff and did not want to hire additional resources to handle their state tax forms.
  • There were expected changes in staff due to pending retirements and some staff being repurposed to other departments.
  • New employees were being hired for new store openings, so the work of the payroll staff was increasing.
  • Although the client operated only in one state with local payroll tax requirements, this could change with expected growth, and the local tax forms process was still a manual one.


Based on the challenges communicated by this corporation, BSI demonstrated how our TaxProfileFactory™ solution automated their employee payroll withholding tax forms process. This solution automatically determines and provides required Withholding forms for their employees, and any regulatory changes in the forms across the U.S. are managed by BSI in the Cloud.

“Having our state tax forms automated has saved our staff a lot of time,” said the client’s payroll manager. “We no longer do our state tax forms manually after moving to the Cloud – the BSI solution is working very well for us.”

Further, the client elaborated: “We are growing and expect to open stores in additional states, so having this BSI solution has helped us to increase our volume without having to hire additional employees. We have been a BSI customer for close to 20 years now and expect our partnership to grow and continue.”

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