City of High Point, North Carolina


High Point, NC, located in the Piedmont Triad region is known as “North Carolina’s International City™” and the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World.” Drawing visitors from 50 states and 110 countries bi-annually, High Point, which hosts the International Furniture Market, provides a diverse landscape with a population of 105,000 and growing. The city employs 1459 individuals. They include police, fire, electric, water, sewer, garbage, streets, library and museum workers as well as park rangers and the staff for services, such as 911 Telecommunicators and customer service representatives, yielding a full spectrum bi-weekly payroll. The 1459 workers employed by the City, including approximately 477 fire and police employees, work around- the-clock shifts, 365 days a year. Many of them are mobile or work in multiple locations. Being a public sector employer, payroll tax calculations must comply with federal and state regulations as soon as they are effective. Prior to utilizing TaxFactory, payroll tax processing was handled manually through a custom in-house application. The process was time-consuming and staying abreast of ever-changing regulations was a burden for the city.


Tom Spencer, Systems Project Administrator, is part of a steering committee that reports directly to the Assistant City Manager Mr. Pat Pate. CHAMPS (City of High Point Advancing Municipal Programs and Services) is the team that makes decisions about all major projects that affect the city. TaxFactory was presented as the tax calculation component that is integrated with the Lawson Software™ Payroll system. After the payroll system was installed, implementation of TaxFactory didn’t take a lot of effort for Spencer’s team. “The set up was straight-forward, only took an hour and we were off and running,” notes Spencer. Immediately the system eased implementation of regulations, handled required calculation changes and relieved the burden from the city. Spencer notes the solution “is so comprehensive that we don’t even have to touch it except to load regulatory updates. I don’t spend hours training employees on the system or send them to yearly training and that saves us money.”


The results have been incredible. “TaxFactory solved our challenges with staying abreast of payroll tax regulations. We didn’t have to understand and track new changes to the law. BSI did all the research for us and handled the calculations. It took minimal effort on our part,” says Spencer. “In the five years we’ve been utilizing TaxFactory, we’ve never had a calculation issue or problem.” Spencer notes that maintenance is simple as well. When there is a change to the law they are notified immediately. “There’s no way to miss a change to the law and my team doesn’t have to worry about errors.” Data containing regulatory changes is uploaded to the system once a month and that’s the extent of his investment. “I have a vendor I don’t have to manage. Compliance issues are obsolete. I can focus my time and efforts elsewhere. It’s very refreshing. I love TaxFactory. It’s a simplified solution with great flexibility for the end user.”

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