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While managing payroll is fairly routine, managing the related tax liabilities can be complex. The risk of incurring penalties is a very real threat. And with today’s leaner payroll staff burdened by extra responsibilities, it’s easy to unknowingly neglect payroll tax filing and deposit obligations.

BSI ComplianceFactory payroll tax compliance software streamlines internal payroll tax compliance processes and offers efficient management of high-volume filing and deposit processing for any size or type of company. It automates processing of payroll tax reports, deposits, W-2s, 1099s, amended returns, and more.

BSI ComplianceFactory reduces manual processes and helps you maintain compliance with Federal, State, local and territory tax jurisdictions. It is able to discern the payment requirements for each authority, as well as produce authority-specific reports.

 Suite of Individual Applications
The individual applications contained within BSI ComplianceFactory payroll tax compliance software include:

  • Tax Filing – Automatically produces the correct Federal, State, local and territory reports for more efficient and timely filing
  • Amended Returns - Automatically determines when amended returns are needed and generates the report in the authority-approved format
  • Tax Deposits - Correctly generates Federal, State, local and territory payroll tax deposits in a timely manner using the authority-approved deposit methods
  • W-2 - Prepares, prints and distributes your employee W-2s and prepares your employer W-2s for filing – all from the same source data
  • 1099 - Seamlessly generates employee 1099s (-RET, -MISC, -INT) using source data
  • Nonperiodic Forms - Provides a convenient online tool to access employer tax-related forms

BSI also offers BSI eFormsFactory™, a standalone or optional add-on solution to BSI ComplianceFactory that simplifies W-4 management and W-2 production by providing employees and employers a way to access and manage forms online.

 Why use BSI ComplianceFactory?

  • Leverage BSI's 30+ years of expertise with payroll tax compliance software
  • Benefit from
  • Reduce reliance on internal payroll tax "experts"
  • Improve ability to file payroll taxes accurately and on-time using an automated payroll tax filing solution
  • Simplify the tax filing, deposit and reconciliation processes
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to keep up-to-date with changing tax regulations
  • Improve internal efficiencies
  • Reduce exposure to fines and penalties

For a free Payroll Tax Compliance Process Assessment of your organization, fill out the short survey. If you want an on-demand (SaaS) payroll tax filing solution, see BSI ComplianceFactory SaaS.

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