BSI ComplianceFactory

Payroll Tax Filling, Depositing and W-2s in the Cloud 

(On-Premise Software also available) 

While managing payroll is fairly routine, managing the related tax liabilities can be complex. The risk of incurring penalties is a very real threat. And with today’s leaner payroll staff burdened by extra responsibilities, it’s easy to unknowingly neglect payroll tax filing and deposit obligations.

BSI ComplianceFactory is a top ranked suite of solutions to help organizations pay tax liabilities, file regular and amended reports, and process W-2 and 1099 returns. Combined with intuitive self-service, payroll tie-out and other support solutions, BSI ComplianceFactory will deliver a high return on investment (ROI). 

BSI ComplianceFactory reduces tedious manual processes into a few easy steps and helps you maintain compliance with Federal, State, local and territory tax jurisdictions. It is able to discern the payment requirements for each authority, as well as produce authority-specific reports.

 Suite of Individual Applications
The individual applications contained within BSI ComplianceFactory payroll tax compliance software include:

  • Tax Deposits – Generates Federal, State, local and territory withholding tax payments and delivers the payments to tax jurisdictions via the ACH network. 
  • Tax Filing – Generates regular tax filings and amended returns on-demand or automatically, as needed, for Federal, State, local and territory tax jurisdictions. 
  • W-2 – Generates employee printed W-2s and prepares employer electronic W-2 filings all from the same data source. 
  • 1099 – Generates Federal electronic and printed 1099s (-RET, -MISC, -INT, etc.) using source data.
  • Payroll Tax Compliance – Maintains compliance with Federal, State, local and territory tax regulations. 
  • Accelerated Deposits – Automatically detects and provides notification when an accelerated deposit is required.
  • Dashboard Landing Page View - Streamlines and manages all solution processes in the landing page dashboard. Filing, deposits and variances can be sorted and viewed to see details by authority and due date. 
  • Automated Electronic Payment – Produces, transmits and tracks ACH files to Federal, State, local and territory taxing authorities. 
  • Amended Returns – Creates company summary, detailed and employee-level data reports for each authority type after the end of the filing period. 

BSI also offers BSI eFormsFactory™, a premier cloud-based suite of comprehensive compliance onboarding solutions which complements BSI ComplianceFactory by simplifying W-4 management and providing employees and employers a way to access and manage compliance onboarding forms electronically.

 Why use BSI ComplianceFactory?

  • Leverage BSI's 35+ years of expertise with payroll tax compliance software
  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of the filing/depositing and W-2 processes
  • Lessens potential exposure to costly fines and penalties 
  • Identifies and reconciles errors prior to filing and depositing 
  • Eliminates need to keep current with changing regulations
  • Eliminates need to implement program changes 
  • Reduces tedious processes into a few easy steps
  • Reduces labor and IT development costs 
  • Stays compliant with regulatory, filing and payment changes
  • Streamlines processes and increases internal efficiencies by allowing for the reassignment of staff to core business functions 

For a free Payroll Tax Compliance Process Assessment of your organization, fill out the short survey. BSI ComplianceFactory is offered as a cloud-based solution or on-premise version. 

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